Monday, 9 May 2011

Hannah gives birth to Theo....

Hi Patricia
Hannah here from your Monday yoga class!!!
I have baby news!!
We had a baby boy on Good Friday (22nd April) at 4.03pm. We have called him Theo and he weighed 6lbs 7oz's ( 1lb heavier than Faith)
The labour was totally amazing and so different from my 1st. I was so frighten by my first as i felt totally under prepared with no coping strategies..
Again i had a very quick labour... that began with niggles on friday morning but we carried on as normal and went out for a family lunch as planned. During lunch the niggles turned into contractions approx every 10 mins and i could really feel them in my back. We stayed for lunch and i just breathed through them.
We left the pub at about 1.30 and took Faith to our friends house... where my Fiance decided to have a cuppa!!!! we left there at 2 again with contractions ten mins apart but i was coping totally fine with them. Once we got home i packed a bag and made the bed... as you do and called the hosp (Bracken) to let them know i was in labour but i was fine at home and would go in when i was ready. I was waiting for them to get closer together although they were lasting over a minute i though i should wait for them to get closer. I got to hospital at 3.15pm as 'something' felt different!!! They began running the pool and my contractions became alot closer together and the breathing became alot louder. At this point i did start to panic and had the felling of ' i cant do this anymore'!!! i was checked and was 8 cm and had gas and air for a few contractions while i waited for the pool. Both me and lee got in the pool and a soon as we got in i started to push! I was pushing for 10 mins (no time at all i know) but Faith was born in one push!!! The sensation in the pool was completely different to being flat on my back like the 1st time. My body did it all it was amazing .... The 3rd stage i found a little strange and was pleased when it was over as i then felt like i could relax! We went home at 7.30pm ....
It was a whirl wind but an amazing day that i could do again ... I am so much more positive about labour and birth this time and i cant thank you enough for all your help your a total star!!! i would love to come and show him off he is gorgeous!!! xxx

Fliss gives birth to her second baby girl

Hi Patricia

Our baby girl arrived on saturday's full moon at home in water, all went really well. Midwife arrived as she was being born! All very happy, just very sleep deprived! I used a lot of yoga moves in labour, especially bum circling and lots of vocalising and breathing well which all really thank you for some great classes! I am still doing yoga poses now to try and help my very sore bruised coxcyx and rear end!! Hope to catch up with you soon and have a chat...

love Fliss

Water Birth