Monday, 21 March 2011

Welcome, not so little Daisy!

Hi Patrica
Sorry it has taken me soo long to email. I just wanted to say thank you for the active birth sessions, they were brilliant and very helpful throughout my labour. I had a beautiful not soo little girl called Daisy weighing 10lbs 11.5ozs. I went into hospital fully dilated ready to push, but Daisy got quite stuck and had to be helped by forceps. I managed to do it without any pain relief apart from the homeopathic kit you supplied, and the spinal anaesthetic which I had to have for the forceps which was very last minute.

Thanks again for helping make it such a nice birthing experience.
Julia, Mike and Daisy Adams x

Sal's birth to Xavier

Hi Patricia,
Xavier Ren Freudenberg born half past midnight this morning. 8lb 5oz. He is lush :)
Induced last night with a pessary and sweep as combination of worrying factors (diabetes, too much fluid, baby's heartrate). Started up within couple of hours and built up quite quickly but manageably. Lovely active labour just using TENS. One 'sip' of gas and air in second stage but still didn't really like it. Lots of humming ;)
Was lucky enough to get Bracken midwife (male) Aki even though on labour ward. He was brilliant. Once fully dilated baby's heartrate dropped so had waters broken and he was literally out in 3 big pushes (under 5 minutes work!).
Will bring him in to yoga in a couple of weeks time.
Thanks for all your help and advice - particularly in getting him into a great position for birth :)

Sal x

Christell's birth to Jamie Liam

Hi Patricia,
Just to let you know- I had a wonderful birth on Friday. Jamie Liam was born at 5.35pm, weighing 8lb 4 and measuring 56cm long- which I've been told is very long for a baby!
I managed to spend the majority of the labour at home, which I found very relaxing. I spent early labour on the ball progressing to being on all fours and leaning on the sofa. I used the breathing techniques as well, and when the contractions got more intense and I started to loose my breathing technique Jon was fantastic and got me back on track. I found moving around between contraction sped up the labour and soon I was in the hospital pushing! Staff were amazing- ended up going to labour ward as bracken was closed. But I didn't take much notice of it really as i was ready to push and was focusing on that. On the late stages I was kneeling, but right at the end I decided to lie on the left for delivery. I have no idea why- it just felt right. Midwife and student midwife were truly brilliant- I hardly noticed them there. They looked at my birth notes and read how I didn't want to be coached and let me push. I didn't have any pain relief because I didn't feel the need and just focusing on breathing and using the positions from your class were soothing enough for me.
I did have a third degree tear- but it was worth it. It really was a tremendous experience and I can't thank you enough for all the advice and tips- I felt really in control of the experience and focused. I would do it again a million times for Jamie.
Jamie is doing well- breastfeeding has been going well.

Christell and Jamie x

Jake's early arrival

Hi Patricia
Just to let you know that that our baby boy has arrived two weeks early. Interestingly my waters went and contractions
started in the night after yoga! I had felt a very tight/hard bump that day but no other real indicatons I was aware of.
Bracken was closed due to no heating! I ended up on labour ward but I have give the staff I met credit as they were absolutely respectful of my birth plan and very encouraging. I managed with active birth, birthing pool, aromatherapy oils/massage, gas and air plus the wonderful support of my husband.
Jake Thomas Garnsworthy was born at 21:09 on Tuesday (22nd) weighing in at 7lb 9ozs. We are at home now and all doing well.
Thank you for your pregnancy yoga and active birth classes, they really helped me.
Best wishes

Rachel's home birth

Hi Patricia
Just to let you know that that I had a little boy on tuesday. The birth was
amazing, I had him at home after 6 hours in the birth pool. The midwives were
brilliant and I managed to have him with no pain releif. He was 8lb 9oz.
Unfortunatly though i had a 3rd degree tear and had to go into hospital
But i'm holding onto my positive birth experience and its all thanks to you :-)
thanks you so much. I'll come in in a couple of weeks to tell my birth story -
i'll keep you posted.

Take care, speak soon and thanks again Rachel xxxx

Jonty's birth

Hi Patricia

Hope all is well. Just a quick email to say that I did not come to Monday’s class because I had my little one on Friday. He is called Jonty James Holcroft and (as you said would be likely) was not on the worryingly small as possibly predicted! He was 6-14oz and is fabulous. Your breathing techniques really helped as I got to 7cm at home through breathing, using the ball and the exercises that you had taught us. Ironically, I went for my Bracken assessment on Thursday afternoon, as they now want you to have a detailed assessment to check your suitability for Bracken . I was in the early throws of labour and contracting while I was there but the midwife who assessed me put it down to practice contractions.

I loved the classes and the advice was really helpful. I also was sick only once thanks to the little pills you gave me. Thanks you so much and good luck to everyone else.

Love Tammy and Jonty

Tristran's arrival

Hi Patricia,
Just a quick note to say our lovely baby boy, Tristan arrived on the 19th. I am totally in love :-)
He was delivered by ventouse after a long labour and much to-ing and fro-ing between Honiton and Wonford but we are both doing well now and have bonded wonderfully. Breast feeding is also going well which is a relief.
Here's a pic of Tristan and his proud dad.
Mon xxXXXX