Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Laura's birth to Mary Ann

Hi Patricia
I've not been attending the yoga class because my baby girl was born 3 weeks ago on Monday 6th June (her due date!). Unfortunately I didn't get the home birth I so badly wanted but we gave it a good shot, labour started slowly on Sunday morning at 5am with very mild irregular contractions, we had a really nice day at home using my breathing techniques and yoga positions, Phil had my birth plan and was a wonderful support. The midwife came out to us at about 1am and examined me and I was 7cm dilated.
I got into the birth pool about 1.30am, I'm not sure when second stage began but looking back I think I fought it for a while and I wish I had been examined again and encouraged to push because by the time I was pushing which I think was about 5am I was exhausted, the midwife encouraged me to feel for baby's head as I was pushing and as I did this I popped the membrane with my fingers! I got out of the pool and this is when things became too much for me, I couldn't get into any sensible position to push as I had shooting pains up my back and down my hips, baby was in a perfect position so we wonder if maybe the head was pressing on a nerve, and I was starting to worry for baby as time was getting on, an ambulance was called at about 8am and we were taken to Musgrove delivery ward, baby was born at 8.54am, Phil tells me it took 4 pushes once I was in there and she was born.
The midwife came out to check baby the following day and she said she was so impressed with the support Phil had given me, we told her about your couples course! It was definately because of your course that Phil was so relaxed and confident and I'm so glad we did it.
So, Mary Ann was born weighing 7lb 4oz, absolutely perfect without a blemish and completely unaware of the drama! She is beautiful and we're all very happy.
We are already planning number two for next year haha and I will be back to your class then! Please send my best wishes to everyone and if you still here from Elsa could you please give her my love I hope all is well with her little one, I have been thinking of them.

Laura x

Bryony's birth to Eliza Amelia

Hi Patricia
I am writing to let you and the class know that we had a little girl on Thursday - Eliza Amelia, born 6lb 10oz. She is doing just perfectly!
I would like to come and tell my birth story at some point, but here are the highlights! I began to have weak contractions 6am Wednesday morning, but carried on with things normally and they started coming every 5 mins or so in Sainsbury's that afternoon, when I thought I better head home! Throughout the aft and eve they began to come on more intensely and by 2am I was feeling that I needed to go in, but when I got to Bracken I was only 2-3cm and had to face the car journey home! We then went back in at about 7am, when the contractions were about every 2-3 mins and I was quite out of it as I had been very sick a number of times. I had an anti-sickness injection, which was a life saver! I then got in the pool at about 9am and Eliza was born at 11.34 - she fed within 10 minutes in the pool and again in the water after I had delivered the placenta - she has taken to breastfeeding just wonderfully and I feel very lucky. We stayed in Bracken until about 7pm that night. Labour was harder than I ever imagined, but I would do it again tomorrow!
Thank you very much for all your help and I will be in touch when we have a bit of a routine, but enjoying every minute at home at the moment.
Best wishes, Bryony


Hi Patricia,

I just wanted to let you know that I gave birth to our gorgoues little boy; Samuel Philip Marshall on Friday 24th June.

I was 13 days over my due date and had an induction booked for Saturday 25th. To my great delight I went into labour spontaneously in the early hours of Friday morning so avoided induction by hours!! I therefore was able to have the water birth at Bracken that I had really wanted. Eleanor was one of the midwives present for part of it too which was great.

I can honestly say that your yoga classes transformed both my view of the birth during my pregnancy and my experience of it. The breathing techniques were absolutely fantastic. I didn't take to the gas and air -(it made me sick) so I was completely dependent upon the breathing. So thank you very much.

I am now adjusting to the sleep deprivation and other joys of new motherhood, but my husband and I are completely be-sotted with Samuel and spend endless hours watching his funny little expressions.

i would be very happy to come in to give my birth story in a few weeks time if you would like me to,

Sarah Marshall