Thursday, 17 June 2010

Taunton Birth Forum News

Taunton Birth Forum News:

The Taunton Birth Forum offers a monthly programme of diverse and stimulating evening talks given by people from a wide professional and geographical field on the theme of pregnancy, birth and Parenting including psychological, physical and medical understanding. TBF provides a forum for professional and interested lay people to achieve a deeper understanding of the journey Mothers take in pregnancy and the impact it has on them, and how we can support them to be as healthy and happy in this time in their lives as can be possible.
The evening began with Midwife Mandy Hutchings talking about the success of the birth centre in Taunton over the past 2 years , and looking specifically at how this small but effective unit has changed women’s experience of birth considerably , not only that , that the Midwives who work there have adapted and changed their practice too.
We are able to be flexible and can practice our midwifery skills with more freedom due to the environment and the choices this gives us, and gives the women and their families.

A Birth - baby Bella Amelie Andrews

Congratulation to Gabby and David on the birth of Bella, who arrived exactly 1 week overdue on Monday 10th May.

Gabby has shared her birth story here;
At 10.30 on Sunday night my waters broke prior to my labour starting. We called the Bracken Center and were advised to go in for confirmation that it was the waters that had gone. At this stage I had only had a couple of 'random' contractions but they confirmed that things looked like they were progressing and we should go home until the contractions were consistently 5 mins apart. That happened as soon as I left the hospital, but we stayed at home for a couple of hours before returning at 3.30 to be told I was 5-6cm dilated. I went into the pool at 4.30 which was wonderful, I found the water really soothing, supportive and relaxing. Things progressed well and Bella was born at 10.15 weighing a healthy 8lbs13oz.

Thanks again for your guidance, I know that it made a really positive difference to our experience.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Barnstaple - Classes re-starting

The date for the re-start of the weekly classes has been set for Thursday 17th of June. We have a totally fresh group of women starting together and I'm looking forward to meeting everybody.