Saturday, 21 April 2012

Dance Me Over The Threshold - Art Of Birth Workshop

This is what we read, and what we created in our Art of Birth workshop today

Dance Me Over The Threshold

We have been waiting for this dance, you and I.
Holding our breath,
Biding our time,
Waiting for the right moment,
The right music,
The right night.
Listening for the first few quiet notes to tell us that the dance has begun.

May I give this dance?
To take your hand.
This will be for you and I alone, The music only ours.
And so we dance,
Softly at first, the rhythm gentle, the music quiet.
Our first few tentative steps into the unknown.

The tempo builds slowly,
I roll my body in time with our music and you lie spell bound, rocked by the waves of our dance.
The music plays out like an orchestral masterpiece, the different parts, the rises and falls, the cues, the crescendos, 
And I dance and sway and sing, and am swept along by the music and the rhythm and the dance.

I dance ferociously, uninhibited.
I dance the dance of the wild woman, of all those who have gone before me.
I dance for life and love and the great mysteries of the universe.
I dance for the past and the future and the very moment of the dance.
And I dance until I am exhausted, and I feel like I can’t dance another step,
But the music continues.
And the women, the wives and daughters, the mothers and lovers, all those who have danced before that I might be blessed with my own dance,
Those who have danced hold me up,
And breathe gentle kisses onto my tired limbs and whisper secrets of the universe into my open heart.

And you take my hand and lead me back to the dance,
And now we really dance together.
The music so loud and the rhythm so strong that I am powerless to refuse.
Our bodies dancing as one in the final moments, until we dance so beautifully and so powerfully that we become two.
And I dance you over the threshold of life.
The universe holds its breath,
And we are suspended, you and I, in the space between worlds.
Set free by the music, released by the dancing.

Then we breathe, and sigh,
And I take you in my arms and know that we danced a good dance.

Josie x