Sunday, 30 May 2010

A Birth - baby Emily Liddell

Congratulations to Laura and Rob on the birth of their daughter Emily Esme Liddell, who arrived on Thursday 20th May at 4:10am weighing 8lb 7oz.

In Laura's words;
After 2 days of contractions on and off they finally kicked off at wednesday lunchtime. By 7pm they were 3 mins apart and i managed to stay at home until around 10:30pm leaning over my ball with Rob massaging my back between contractions. We got to Bracken just before 11pm and i was 8cm dilated. My contractions stepped up a gear for those last 2cm, which seemed to take a long time! At around 12am i got into the birthing pool, which was lovely, and had gas and air for last 20 mins before i started to push. I felt very much in control throughout my contractions and confident that with breathing and focusing techniques learnt, I was able to manage them. However, i did realise i had thought less about the 2nd stage and did feel a bit anxious about what was to come.
 As it turned out i needn't be worried as like you have said before, my body knew what to do and i went with it. Emily slid back 6 times before i finally managed to push her out (which i found very frustrating) but as a result i had little tearing so perhaps that was for the best. After an hour and half of pushing she arrived into the world and we had skin to skin time while the placenta stopped pulsating. Unfortunately, when it did stop pulsating Emily went a bit floppy and we had to cut the cord get her out of the pool. I didn't feel any urges to push the placenta out and wanted to get it out as soon as i could so i could be with Emily, so got out of the pool and had the injection to get me started.

 Emily was fine but developed a grunt to her breathing. The midwife didn't think it was a concern and was just mucus from the birth but thought it wise to get the paediatrician to check her out. The paediatrician agreed and we went to the ward, however another paediatrician on his morning round was concerned that her grunt was still there so they took her to special care baby unit to start her on a course of antibiotics incase she had a chest infection. This meant we had to be moved to Willow ward and would have to stay in for at least 3 days until they knew whether she did indeed have an infection.

 So 4 days later we were able to leave as surprise, surprise she had no infection. In fact, the grunt went on that day she was born and her breathing stabilised. While, i would have preferred not to have had to of stayed in hospital perhaps it was for the best as Emily struggled to latch on and staff on willow ward were great at helping us out.
Thank you for all of your valuable advice and coaching. I look forward to bringing Emily in to meet you!


Wednesday, 26 May 2010

A Birth - baby Eden Sullivan

Congratulations to Sarah and Ross Sullivan, and welcome to their baby boy, Eden.

Sarah writes;

'Just thought I would announce the safe and peaceful arrival of baby "Eden". He arrived promptly on his due date the 19th May in only 5 hours of labour from start to finish (such a good boy to mum). The birth was perfect and just the way we hoped it would be quick, calm and in water, unfortunately I had complications immediately after the birth but little "Eden's" part was already done and we are happy to say he's a healthy 6lb 2oz's.

I'm so very happy that i managed the birth without the use of any drugs, not even gas and air as he seems to be such a contented baby, I simply used my breathing and positions to help me through and he arrived.

I would love to introduce him to you and tell my birth story although i'm inactive at the moment and under strict house rest but could possibly come to my normal Taunton class possibly the Monday after the bank holiday (June 7th),

Sending our heartfelt appreciation

Sarah (Sullivan), Ross and baby Eden xxx' 

Wishing you all the best for your life together, xx

Thursday, 6 May 2010


Hello, and welcome to the first entry on the Birthwise Blog. This blog will serve as a place to catch up on all news Birthwise. All three of us (Karin, Patricia and Josie) will all be posting here so we hope it will be a valuable resource for everyone involved in our little Birthwise community. If you have any news or info you would like to be posted here, please e-mail or leave us a comment.