Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Jenni's 3rd birth to Leander weighing in at 9lb 8ozs

Hello Patricia,
Just thought I'd grab this rare quiet moment to let you know that I had little Leander on Friday night. I had a very weird stop-and-start labour since Thursday morning, and things finally got going properly on Friday afternoon. We went to the low risk birth unit at 5 pm in the afternoon and he finally arrived at 10.43 pm. I managed to have him naturally with just some entonox in the final stages. THe midwife was absolutely lovely and the whole experience was generally fabulous, with the exception of a tear. Hardly surprising though, given that the little lad was 9lbs8 and sucking his thumb as he went through the birth canal.
We're all doing well and went straight back home that night.
I'd love to come and share my story at some stage.
Thanks for many happy Wednesday evenings preparing for my latest arrival!
See you soon,
Jenni x

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