Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Sarah's Home birth to Redvers Frank

Hi there Patricia and Karin, Hope you are both well? Just wanted to let you know that we now have a little chap, Redvers Frank. Born at home on 9th August and a healthy 7lbs 7oz. The labour was incredible. What an experience for both Red and I! Contractions started the night before but I ignored and snoozed through as wasn't really sure whether it was the real thing. Planned long walks and flapjack making for latent labour but those plans went out the window as contractions came on pretty hard and fast as soon as I got up in the morning. Managed to let the chickens out and get in the washing, intermittently hanging off trees in the garden, before calling the midwife (with a little persuasion from Rob). 8cm dilated by the time she arrived late morning which was a surprise to me! In the birth pool for the afternoon which was very soothing though didn't deliver in there in the end as getting a little tired and contractions slowing. Little Redvers was born 'on dry land' just before 7pm. So pleased to have had him at home - fantastic midwives who just left us to it for the large part of the day. No drugs. Sort of forgot to ask, which must have meant I didn't need anyway. Managed to do it on Purdeys energy drinks (with Ginseng) and Sesame Snaps. Oh yes, and a massive breakfast! Everything has gone well over the past couple of weeks - all happy and healthy. Still finding our feet a little but enjoying every minute. I wanted to thank you both for everything you have passed onto me over the last few months and during the couples course. It gave me the confidence to make the decisions for myself and stick to my guns when others expressed doubt, particularly with the home birth. Also to know what was going on with my body so as to be prepared for the day. Many many thanks. With love, Sarah, Rob and Redvers xx

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