Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Nora's second birth to baby Hanno LAurens

Hi Patricia George and I were delighted to welcome gorgeous little Hanno Laurens on 18th August at 11:10pm! Although he made us wait a few more days than expected, his arrival was a lot quicker than his big sister’s. I started having some contractions in the morning on the 18th and went into labour in the afternoon. We timed our trip to the hospital well and arrived at around 8:30pm when I was between 6-7cm and little Hanno arrived at 11:10pm. It didn’t feel like less hard work than first time round as the speed of the last three hours made it feel pretty relentless, but I managed to deliver with just the tens machine and all went very well. The low risk unit wasn’t open, but by the time I got to the hospital I no longer cared about where I was giving birth anyway. My midwife had some concern about the baby’s heart rate (which fortunately came to nothing), but it meant I had to be monitored and had to deliver on my side which wasn’t the most effective, but all in all things went very smoothly and we both fell in love with the little guy right away. We’re at home since Friday morning and are enjoying life as a ‘proper’ family – needless to say that Hanno is fitting right in and is getting spoilt by his big sister! We’d be happy to come by to tell our birth story anytime – I could either stop by with Hanno on my own or George & Elsa would be happy to come along but would have to be at the beginning of the class as 8:30 is getting a bit late for little Elsa… Off to stare some more at little Hanno J All the best, Nora

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